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About Me

I’m Cherry Woodburn. Funny. Caring. Lover of ideas. Storyteller. I’m also the founder of Borderless Thinking®, a business created to help women grow beyond life-as-usual through workshops, retreats, the written word and keynote presentations chocked full of stories, info’ and humor.

I came of age with The Women’s Movement. I joined NOW, attended women’s consciousness raising groups, went to rallies and marched. I volunteered for the Rape Crisis Council (RCC) and learned I couldn’t handle working the Hotline; I became too emotionally involved. So the RCC asked “Would you be willing to go into the community and become a speaker?” “Sure,” I replied, “I’ll try anything.”

At my first presentation I couldn’t breathe for the first three sentences but then relaxed and found my natural speaking rhythm. Stories became the emotional connection to the audience, the way to convey the message. I came to love telling stories. And stories came to inform my work. My process improvement consulting work morphed into training and speaking at conferences across North America. The reviews were good but I was bored with the topic. However, I was a single parent of two sons and needed the good income. Now Seth and Aaron are on their own and pursuing their dreams. Good for them and good for me! I felt secure in changing the direction of my business to my life-long passion: women’s issues.

I now speak, write and facilitate groups on both women’s issues and the power of women sharing their stories for growth, healing, fun and community.

My workshops and retreats are designed for you to relax into being yourself.  From that safe place your learning, growth and fun begin. I’ll be your guide through activities that spark ideas and memories, making it easy for you to share stories – stories that eventually create a cellular-level montage entitled: Connected. You feel less alone. Your shared personal and professional experiences become both the teacher and the lesson.

“That which we witness, we are forever changed by, and once witnessed we can never go back,” Angeles Arrien.

This is the red-headed version of me with 3 of my community of women friends.

Surrounded by others who are also engaged in self-inquiry builds a sense of community. Whether the goal is healing, finding your authentic voice or growing to your highest potential, you are now solidly and successfully on that journey.

When you need an engaging speaker or facilitator that gets you to think, ask questions, and allows you to be yourself while in the company of like-minded woman contact me.

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  1. September 3, 2010 3:13 pm

    I am so inspired by what you do and would like to get involved! I already work with women as part of my role in my local church and community and I am truly inspired and want to do more!


  1. Borderless Thinking

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