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I use relevant stories to engage the audience and teach them about the power of a story to captivate, persuade, and bring people to action in their business or in their personal lives.  My speaking style is warm, energetic, humor-laden and filled with information personalized for the audience. As needed, I will adjust (in real-time) my pace and level of information according to the response of the group.

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I can speak on many issues related to the power of stories, women’s issues, and borderless thinking. Just ask. If what you want is not something I’m strong at, I’ll tell you. To jog your brain about themes, I’ve listed the following  suggestions.

Changing Life-As-Usual Through Women’s Stories:

Topic: How The Media Impacts Women’s Self-Image

The media sends women strong messages: Loose Weight, Look Younger, Balance Home and Career By Following These Easy Steps, Be Sexy For Your Partner  – things you “need” to strive for if you want to be happy and successful. You come to believe you’re never good enough; you need to change the essence of who you are in order to fit the media’s message of who you’re supposed to be. Tiring. Impossible. Hear the stories about the lies within the message. Learn ways you can affirm your value and model self acceptance to others and to your self.

Topic: Girls and Women Need “Ordinary” Role Models

Research shows that women need same gender role models more than men. That’s why it’s particularly important for women to recognize their accomplishments and share their stories. It also diminishes the need for girls and young women to find role models among celebrities. Learn the power of sharing your “ordinary” story as a way to inspire other women and validate yourself. It is within these connections that you learn you’re not alone.

Topic: When Women Don’t Speak Up For Themselves They Pay the Price

Recent articles, blogs and research have blamed women for their pay disparities with men and for receiving fewer promotions. The reason given –  too often women don’t speak up for themselves and ask for what they want. It’s time to look at the beliefs that may be keeping you quiet, as well as, the ways you communicate in the workplace or with your clients.

Topic: A Woman’s Personal Brand Gains Power Through Her Stories

People both remember and connect to stories. They’re the language of community; the language of emotion and, even memory. That’s why sharing your story(s) is a powerful way to build your personal brand.

Borderless Thinking To Move Beyond Self-Limits

Topic: You Can’t Improve the Picture Until You Change the Frame.

Recognizing the parameters or borders we put on our thinking is both challenging and rewarding. Like the photographer who crops her pictures so she sees only what she wants to see, so do our past experiences tend to crop the information we “see”.

Topic: Being Right Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

The need to be right can get in the way of innovative thinking and collaborative efforts – both skills necessary for success in today’s business landscape.

Topic: Facing the potential consequences of change

Change or Die. What if you were given that choice? Would you change?The answer(s) may surprise you.

Based on the work of Alan Deutshman.

***If there’s a topic you’re interested in, but it’s not listed here, just ask me if it’s something I can do. If I can’t, I’ll provide you with the names of some people who can.

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